This section includes a growing series of topical tips for  joined-up strategy and solutions for town centre regeneration. 

These top tips supplement the guidance on the process and case studies available in the Local Government Association Revitalising Town Centres handbook and online toolkit prepared by the People & Places Partnership.  Sign-up below if you want to receive details of the future top tips and other town centre regeneration news.

Top Tips -Improving Town Centre Access and Parking

This set of top tips looks at how to systematically gather evidence and engage with stakeholders to make ‘quick fixes’ and undertake long-term access and parking improvements.  It includes free tasters, recommended reads and a success story using of our ‘Between the Lines‘ approach to reviewing and revising parking policy and practice as part of town centre regeneration.

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Click to download an overview of the People, Places and Parking Process that can help identify town centre parking issues and solutions.

Top Tips – Local Food: your Town’s DNA

Good quality local produce and independent eateries are part of the distinctive ‘flavour’ that can help set a town centre apart, create loyal customers and boost town centre regeneration.  This set of top tips includes practical examples about local food and drink producers, markets, festivals and food tourism .

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Top Tips – Generating Income and Investment

This third in our series of town Top Tips created with Chris Jones Regeneration, looks at how local groups can generate income and investment to sustain town centre regeneration.  It includes links to current sources of funds as well as an overview of how to fund raise and manage finances to maintain an organisation and its work.

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Top Tips – Managing streets & spaces post-COVID 19

This downloadable new check-list for councils, communities and business groups provides guidance on re-opening town and city centres as part of first steps to recovery post-COVID 19. The aim is to help ensure the safe and enjoyable access to local town and city centres.

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Top Tips – Creating Talented Town Teams

The following guide defines recognisable stages that can aid the process of town team or partnership development to lead local town centre regeneration. The guide does this by using a series of such stages defined as the “F-Factors of Success”. The purpose of using such a checklist is not to follow it slavishly but to have it by your side as a prompt to shape the team’s development at any stage.

Download the Great British High Street to Creating Talented Town Teams or read the LGA toolkit guidance on ‘form’, ‘folk’ and ‘funding’

Top Tips – Understanding Town Centre Trends

This short guide focuses on gathering evidence  to help understand the issues involved in town centre regeneration. It does this by explaining more about the Town Centre Benchmarking process and the collection of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that help understand a town’s evolving function and trends.

Download the Great British High Street to Understanding Town Trends or read the LGA toolkit guidance on evidence and objectives

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